I am prepared to change the narrative. Are you?


Investor. Educator. Leader.

 I graduated from Delaware Valley University with my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and my Masters of Business Administration.

With years of experience and great mentors in my corner I have become a published author, public speaker, investor and a leader of successful sales teams.


My Area of Expertise


I understand everyone learns a different way. The video consultations allow me to answer any questions you have immediately and gives you the opportunity to take all the knowledge I know and apply it in your life. Even with social distance guidelines in place, we can connect and learn from any location.

Education of Stock Market Fundamentals

I designed a course that is suited for beginner and intermediate level investors. The course explores the concepts necessary to become a sound investor who properly manages risk, maximize gains and create a portfolio that will lead to your financial freedom.

Interview Prep

You will get tips and best practices from someone who has interviewed hundreds of applicants and has mastered how to leave an impression that leads to job offers.

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